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MacBook Pro 13 Inch Case With/Without Touch Bar - Time Warp

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Slick Case

360° Protective MacBook Pro 13-inch Case with/without touch bar

Crystal Hard Case for MacBook Pro 13-inch with/without touch bar Models A1706/A1989/A1708

Your MacBook laptop may suffer from scratches across the top as it transports around. Rubber cases for MacBooks use a hard and durable form of rubber that molds to the shape of your computer. That rubber absorbs shocks and protects your computer against scuffs and scratches. You can prevent these scratches by using a laptop sleeve, case or laptop bag. These MacBook accessories, such as the hard shell cases for 13-inch MacBook Pro  with/without touch bar, are available from our Company.

Specially designed to offer your Macbook Pro 13 with/without touch bar the best protection using thin and lightweight material. A hard shell MacBook Pro 13 cover with a shock-absorbing inner case prevent your devices from unwanted cracks, scratches or damages. 

Slick Case's gives your MacBook Pro a semi-translucent frosted finish that can increase your mobility by protecting your MacBook Pro while moving around. Introducing our trendsetting designs with laser high-definition printing, perfect for adding some extra flair to your MacBook Pro 13 inch devices, as well as a fantastic option for gifts.

Full protection for your MacBook Pro 13 inch with/without touch bar with a 2-piece protective cover

- it’s not only a cover for the surface but the bottom as well, it’s a sturdy protection from all kinds of damages.

Our MacBook Pro 13 cases have specifically designed a cut-out around the ports, the extra layer only prevents damages, not your access to the ports.


Worry that an extra coat will slow down the heat dissipation? Our MacBook Pro cases have fully vented holes that will ensure your devices have good heat dissipation. Also allows you to access all important plugs and drives while highlighting the unique look of your MacBook Pro 13-inch with/without touch bar. The Case lets your open/close your macBook and access to all ports, USB, Thunderbolt, SD Card, Power, and Audio Out.

Slick Case offers a wide selection of MacBook accessories including MacBook case designs including Marble, Floral, Pink Paradise and Classic collections to cater to your personality and protective at the same time. Our popular designs is not only available for MacBook Pro 13 inch with/without touch bar, but available in all other MacBook models: From MacBook Air 11, MacBook Air 13, MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro Retina, MacBook New Pro 13'-15', both Touch Bar & Non-Touch Bar.



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