Product Application - MacBook Decal

MacBook Decal Product Application 

Applying Slick Case's MacBook decal to your device with only a few steps, check out our application instruction here.


1. Clean and dry the surface of your MacBook

2. Peel the backing away from two corners along one of the longer edges of the decal slowly

3. While holding the decal taut, line up the edge of the decal with the edge of your laptop; adhere lightly. Holding each corner piece down for a few seconds

4. Push a piece of stiff cardboard across the top of the decal to smooth out air bubbles -- pushing outward

5. Continue pulling the backing away in small increments, smoothing it along with the cardboard

6. Ensure the corners are in alignment. Starting with one corner, apply pressure with your finger to the corners, and carefully peel the backing completely off the decal on that side

7. Slightly bit of heat from hair dryer in a distance further stabilizing the decal