Print Out! Stand Out!

Print Out! Stand Out!

How To Make Your Own Case?

Print your story, keep your memory.

Our memories are our own secret stories.
You want to share them with the world, but you also want to keep them safe.What if you could keep your memories forever? What if you could have a way of holding onto those stories so that they'll be there for you whenever you need them? We've got just the thing for you…Print out your story and keep it safe in your own custom case.

Below are a few scenarios for you when considering why and who you are making the custom case for:

If Monica wants to make a case for her “Friends”...

Dear Ross, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe and Rachel,

This is a custom case that I made to cherish our friendship. It is a reminder that I’ll always be there for you, as you were once there for me.


If Jesse wants to make a case for Celine “Before Midnight”

Dear Celine,

I know you're not gonna change and neither do I want you to. It's called compromising and accepting you for being you. I hope this acts as a reminder for the hardships we’ve overcome and not to forget why we first fell in love.


If Parker wants to make a case for “Hachi”...

Dear Hachi,

Thank you for being that small ray of light to brighten our days and for being the best company and defender of my life. For teaching me what unconditional love and loyalty means. You are not just a pet but an important member of our family and this custom case is dedicated to you.



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