About Us

Slick Case is dedicated to inspire our customer with slick, sleek, stylish products. Our brand aims to bring trendy MacBook & iPhone cases that offers premium protection while looking fashionable. We provide tech accessories that are both top-quality protective and uniquely designed to bring you more joy, productivity, and creativity. Our production team guarantees every product’s quality by using 3D laser printer to tailor every product's material and provide you with top-quality, vibrant designs that will complement your mood, outfit and vibe. We genuinely hope our products and colorful designs inspire your creativity in life and deliver positive energy, calming vibes, and productive mood when you're using it.

Our Story

Having been a dedicated Apple fan for years, our founder Sarah was always among the first to get the latest available Apple products. She soon realized that getting cases for MacBook and iPhones meant choosing between protectiveness and style - an impossible choice that no one should have to make. She decided her mission was to make her very own stylish and quality cases to the tech protection space, thus the founding of Slick Case in 2017.

Our Mission

Our new logo is designed to deliver the message that both fashion and protection can coexist; you don't need to make any sacrifice for one or another. The small leaf portrays a part of apple logo, symbolizing never forget why we started this brand and how we're always improving to create a more sustainable society. All these are symbols of our goal as we strive to transform the look of your tech, to inspire creativity, and to empower individuals through our cases and accessories.

At our core, we believe your case is your canvas- a form of authentic self-expression, which should bring a feel-good factor to those using it. We have been and will continue to be on a mission to inspire a generation of creative and innovative individuals by looking #SlickSleekStylish with their tech every day through Innovation, Quality, Creativity and Trust.

Our Products

Our team guarantees every product’s quality. With High-Definition, 3D laser printing, we use top-quality inks and primer so you don't have to worry about color fading. Our new custom MacBook and iPhone cases features the new 3D textured embossing that brings your photos to life.

Style isn’t the only thing on offer at Slick Case as every MacBook case that we make is made with thin, lightweight and durable materials to ensure that your MacBook is protected from all angles, offering the best protection that you can get. At Slick Case, we tailor every product's material to provide you with top-quality, vibrant designs.