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About Us

About Us


We a team of tech-geeks specialized in tech gadgets, focusing on delivering unique styles and tech-savvy gadgets to high-end Apple users over 50+ Countries. We are dedicated to inspiring our customer through with our Slick, Sleek and Stylish products. "Slick" is a term that represents things or objects that are done or presented in an impressively smooth and efficient way, which perfectly describes the efficiency and responsiveness we try our best to serve every one of our customers. Besides that, Slick, also perfectly depicts our product's look and of course, it's "grip". We know you are always seeking out trendy and stylish accessories for your devices, and at Slick Case we aim to offer you with products that not only serve a functional purpose but also with fashionable and trendsetting design.
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Model Identification

MacBook Model Identification 

To ensure you choosing the correct MacBook Case based on your device model, please check careful using the provided information.