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Matching minimalistic Macbook cases and iPhone cases

Less is more. Be minimalist with our Simplicity Collection of Macbook cases and iPhone cases. Our best-selling minimalist cases come in 20+ different colors and designs. Clean and crisp alone and even more so when paired - shop matching minimalist Macbook cases and iPhone cases. Protect your devices and bring style to your daily life. Made with durable material, our protective hard cases not only stand out with their eye-catching designs but also stand the test of time.

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MacBook Case - Matte Black

PRODUCT TYPE: Macbook Case

Disclaimer: MacBook 16 inch and Macbook Air / Pro 13 inch (2020) designs are printed on MacBook cases without Apple logo cutout, but with refined quality. We are constantly working hard to provide you with top-quality products. Please contact

iPhone Case - Seamless 0.35MM (Full Cover)

PRODUCT TYPE: Slim iPhone Case

INCLUSIVE & FEATURES Full coverage iPhoneAn impossibly thin 0.35mm, the case is the thinnest iPhone case you've ever seen. Wrapping precisely around all sides of the iPhone, it virtually disappears in your hand, but yet still protects your iPhone from scratches and bumps. A full coverage,...