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Your One Stop Shop for Your New MacBook 12-inch Case

Do you own a MacBook 12-inch, but want an awesome case to top it off? Do you need something that will offer protection for your device, that also looks incredible? At Slick Case, we have a huge range of MacBook cases that will protect your computer from dust, water and shock. We offer the most durable cases with sleek and modern designs, guaranteed to suit any taste. No matter what look you’re going for, we have it in our online store at the most affordable prices! Display Your Personality Through Your MacBook Case. Why would you settle for the generic and plain body of the unadorned MacBook when you could jazz it up with a case that reflects your unique style? Perhaps you’re into floral, marble or wood look? We also do intergalactic, geometric, jungle-themed or animal print designs. Even if you just opt for your favourite colour, you can still personalise your computer. You’ve seen people carrying around their scratched, tattered-looking MacBooks because they haven’t bothered to protect theirs with a case. Our MacBook cases are made of the highest quality materials for the utmost protection, with a hard shell to protect the body of your computer, and a wraparound layer to protect the screen from cracking with everyday knocks and bumps. At Slick Case, we do much more than just MacBook 12 cases. We also offer a selection of MacBook accessories and iPhone cases in our online store. Browse Our Online Store and Get Your MacBook 12 Case Today! If you’ve been looking for the perfect MacBook 12-inch case for your device, look no further than the selection from Slick Case. For the most affordable, highest quality and unique cases, along with fast shipping, we are the top choice. Get your MacBook case today!

MacBook 12 inch Cases 

Only 1mm thin, MacBook case for your MacBook with 12-inch is super lightweight look no further. Slick Case offers the most precisely-fitted, impact-resistant cases on the market and ships worldwide.

Model Identification

MacBook Model Identification 

To ensure you choosing the correct MacBook Case based on your device model, please check careful using the provided information.