Lucky Bag Package

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Lucky Bag Package

Sometimes it’s hard to know which Slick Cases to choose even if you know you love any of them! Or wishing you could get them for cheaper? Take a chance to receive a random chosen Slick Case item! Each is even worth more than the price of the bag itself! You may not know what you’ll end up with, but you can rest assured that it’s guaranteed to be Slick!

This incredible Lucky Bag is available in 5 assortment to cater your need:

Combo 1: MacBook Case + MacBook Sleeve

MacBook Case and Sleeves has always been our bestsellers! Shop now to enjoy a full protection to your devices with our ultra thin and lightweight MacBook Case and polyester foam padding layer MacBook Sleeve.

Combo 2: MacBook Case + MacBook Decal + MacBook Screen Protector

Mix and match with your loved one. Pair up our classy yet sturdy designed MacBook Case and high-quality 3M removable Vinyl material MacBook Decal with your loved one and a piece of stain resistance Screen Protector with the most attractive price ever.

Combo 3: MacBook Case + MacBook Keypad

Our classic bundle. Wrap your precious MacBook in 2-in-1 bundle designed for maximum protection against scratch, drop and dust with Fully Protective MacBook Case and a Silicone Keypad Cover.

Combo 4: MacBook Decal + MacBook Screen Protector + MacBook Keypad

Get all you need in one set. 3 precious items to provide full protection to your MacBook. Our MacBook Decal comes with 3 pieces, top skin, bottom skin and palm guard; Screen Protector to protect your screen from scratch and Keypad to keep your keyboard from dust.

Combo 5: MacBook Decal + MacBook Sleeve + MacBook Keypad

The Slimmest and Lightweight Protection in one set. Beautiful MacBook Decal vinyl allows easily apply and remove; Slim MacBook Sleeve does not bulk your device up and easily slide into your bag; Ultra thin silicon Keypad fully protect your keyboard.

Lucky Bag Purchase Policy

  • The purchase of Lucky Bags is final and could not be cancelled.
  • The contents of each set are random and may include duplicates.
  • Photos provided are for demonstration purposes only. Actual content will vary.
  • Except when there is confirmed defect in the product in the Lucky Bag. All lucky bags are non-returnable, refundable or exchangeable. If there is a flaw of the product, please send an email to support@vectoring.com.hk along with photos clearly show the flaw within 14 business days upon receiving the item. You could get a replacement of same product after our confirmation.
  • Discount code is not applicable.
  • These are limited edition products - once they’re gone, they’re gone!
  • Your purchase of Lucky Bag is subject to your agreeing to the above policy of sale.

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