All-Season Fashion Ideas - Cute Tech Accessories to Match Your Outfits

Posted at 11:00 • 22 Oct • Slick Case • Style & Outfit

Aren’t we all excited for the changing of seasons? Every time the season changes it’s a fresh start. You get the perfect justification to shop for seasonal outfits and accessories, transform yourself, and feel like a completely different person - yeah, we all know, that’s the power of fashion.

From autumn to spring to summer, here are some fresh outfit ideas to add to your seasonal OOTDs. But outfits alone are not enough to help you stand out, so we’ve handpicked some best everyday tech accessories to match with your seasonal outfits because we all know that details matter. Office, home, on vacation, no matter the occasion we’ve got your back!

Autumn Outfit Ideas & Matching Accessories

Autumn season is a great time to bring out your cold weather wardrobe. Chunky sweaters and cosy cardigans make their appearance at this time of year, along with seasonal colours like brown, yellow and russet.

All of this means it’s time to put away all your summer clothing and accessories and make the switch to more Autumnal styles. If you’re determined to keep your look coordinated despite the change of season, you should definitely think about choosing the right MacBook Pro case to complement your style. There are lots of cute MacBook Air cases, sleeves, decals and keypads that are sure to hit the spot.

1. The Rosa Eden MacBook Case

Vintage floral prints are always a popular choice during the Autumn season. Deep reds and pinks are the ideal way to move effortlessly into the cold weather season, adding the extra depth of colour that this time of year demands while still retaining a touch of prettiness leftover from the summer. The Rosa Eden case comes in a range of sizes to suit all different models. Not only does it come as a a MacBook Pro case, it also comes as a MacBook Air 13 inch cover so you can choose the right one for your device. This floral case perfectly complements the dark red outfits which are so in vogue at this time of year, but also works well alongside a white or black outfit for the office.  

Autumn fashion tech accessories - rosa eden MacBook case

2. The Crystal Marble Laptop Leather Sleeve

If you’re looking for cute MacBook Air cases that work well with both formal and casual dress, you can add a little extra cosiness to any Autumnal outfit with the Crystal Marble Leather Sleeve. The soft material adds seasonal texture to your device while the appealing light grey shade perfectly complements black, grey or white wool suits and ribbed or cashmere sweaters that keep you warm all Autumn long.

3. Oceanic Electrify MacBook Package

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that not only adds style to your Autumnal wardrobe but which also keeps your device safe from possible harm, the Oceanic Electrify MacBook Pro Case package is the ideal choice. Its beautiful deep blue pattern works perfectly with the rich coloured outfits that are so popular at this time of year. Meanwhile the marbled look of this Macbook Air 13 inch cover adds a luxurious look for the office.

Autumn fashion tech accessories - oceanic electrify macbook package

4. Geometric Mountain Range MacBook Case

During the Autumn months, you’ll probably be choosing clothing in darker shades or with more complex patterns. That means you might want to choose a MacBook cover in a neutral colour. The Geometric Mountain Range in Gold/White is the ideal choice. Its simple appearance works well with both light and dark-coloured outfits and will take you effortlessly into the winter season. It’ll protect your device from scratches and damage and take it to a new level of style all at the same time!

5. Gradient Keypad Skin

It isn’t just the outside of your MacBook that deserves an overhaul for Autumn – you can give the keyboard a new seasonal look with a gradient keypad skin. There’s no better addition to your device; it’ll protect your keypad from stains and spills and it’ll make it look great too – fantastic!

Your Autumn wardrobe isn't just about clothing - accessories are the key to the success of any seasonal outfit. And while we're discussing Autumn tech accessories, why leave spring behind? With Autumn gone, warm weather makes an entrance, which means you should stock up on Spring clothing and accessories! Here are some of our top picks.

Spring Outfit Ideas & Matching Accessories

Spring is a beautiful reminder of how lovely changes can be. It's time to go for softer colors such as pink, light blue, and faded denim.

We've handpicked some of the cutest tech accessories that would match any lovely, chic spring outfit!

1. Pretty Violaceae Leather Laptop Sleeve

Spring fashion tech accessories - floral macbook leather sleeve

Nobody can argue with how in vogue florals are all through 2019, and is still going strong in 2020 for sure. Spring season, however, has a special license for floral clothing and accessories to complement the moody weather. This dainty Violaceae Leather Laptop Sleeve by Slick Case accommodates laptops of 13” and below, and perfectly represents the Spring season fashion.

This cute MacBook sleeve can be accessorized with neutral-toned casual and office wear to give you that aesthetic Spring charm!

2. Custom AirTag Case Protective Holders

Having a hard time finding where your things are? Then it’s best advised that you get a tracker to help you stay organized! Bonus points: add an edge to your look with statement accessories. Spring is the season of beauty, and it can be achieved even with neutrals, provided you add a touch of class with this AirTag Case Protective Holders. Add a touch of leather to your outfit for a sharper, classier look, or a hint of color with our printed designs.

Accessorizing is just as important as balancing out colors, and these AirTag Case Protective Holders can make your neutral outfit look bolder!

3. Pink Petro Mirage AirPods Case Cover

Nothing can ever go wrong with pink (even when it’s not a Wednesday)! Slick Case’s pink Petro Mirage Protective Cover for AirPods Pro is perfect to catch attention as you take out the case while seated at a cafe or in your office to grab your AirPods. The subtle soft pink and purple colors and gradient design make this pink AirPods Pro protective case both inconspicuous and noteworthy at the same time.

It is a good looking everyday essential that adds style and protects your precious AirPods Pro from scratches and bumps, and would cozily complement any printed or plain spring outfit!

4. Classy Custom Mirror iPhone Cases

If you have decided on a printed attire for leaving home, then these chic Mirror iPhone Cases are perfect to pair with your casual/formal wear. Available in two shades - silver and rose gold - these iPhone cases are designed to give you an elegant and classy touch with bare minimum effort!

Alongside boosting your Spring ensemble, the iPhone case also comes with a full coverage 360 protection to safeguard your phone from damage.

Now that winter is leaving, it’s time to gradually stack up on summer clothing. But wait, the weather hasn’t completely warmed up yet! With clothes to go with this moody season, these accessories can help add a finishing touch to your persona. Let your high-spirited Spring self rejoice in the fashion accessories for this season of hues and prints!

Summer Outfit Ideas & Matching Accessories

Summer is all about vibrant, bright colors and bold design! Never play it safe with your summer outfit. Put together something bold and colorful, enjoy a breezy day at a park, a sunny day at the beach, or party hard with your friends!

We've picked out tech accessories in unique designs and lively colors that will set your mood right for summer activities. Even just working or studying on your MacBook at a café can be so much fun.

1. Floral MacBook Cases In Bright Colors

Floral is a big trend in both Spring and Summer, but we recommend pairing the floral craze with brighter colors such as mustard yellow and white if you like it neutral. These floral cases designed specially for the summer season are not in colors that are not only bright, but also pretty contrasting, and are sure to grab attention anywhere!

2. Palm Trees, Leaves and Geometric Shapes

If you're not a big fan of colors, palm trees and leaves can be some alternatives to consider. To add a little uniqueness to your outfit, consider tech accessories that push floral and leaf patterns to the next level by adding other elements such as geometric shapes! Another thing to pay attention to is the color of designs. If you wear neutral colors such as black, white and grey, then a colorful piece like this Geometric Summer MacBook case would pop out. If you like monochromatic aesthetics, than you might want to go for something like the blue palm tree case, which would look great by pools and oceans!

3. Monochromatic Accessories

Colors, colors, colors! The right colors can make your outfit shine and stand out. Let accessories in matching colors work their magic to your outfit! Geometric patterns are more non-seasonal, but these flashy colors are ready for a fun summer!

4. Animal Prints and Patterns

Can you resist cute animal prints? Summer is the best season to showcase prints - passionate flamingos, cute leopard prints, or adorable pups, you name it. Tech accessories with animal prints are perfect for outdoor activities such as a relaxed picnic at a park or by a lake. These MacBook cases with cute puppies might just be the accessory you've been looking for!

5. Colorful AirPods Protective Cases

Details even in the smallest places can make or break an outfit. Adding colors to your AirPods is another great way to step up your summer outfit game. Aside from its colorful design, these tough AirPods protective cases can protect your (expensive) AirPods from bumps and scratches during all the summertime parties. Plus when you need your AirPods for some music, you can always spot yours from a mile away with these colorful designs!

A little attention on accessories could go a long way. Accessories are like the glitter that could perfect your outfit. Tech accessories are a great place to start - as they are everyday essentials that not only add style to your outfit, but also protect your devices. Have fun pairing your Autumn and Spring outfit with some cute accessories for your MacBook, iPhones and AirPods, and stay tuned for Summer and Winter outfit ideas!

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