Personalized Gift Guide: 10 Thoughtful and Practical Unisex Gift Ideas

Picking the perfect gift can be a tough task, but if done right, the sense of achievement & the bond that it can create is priceless! Custom-made gifts have been around for some time and custom gifts have been made more creative and affordable over time. Adding a little touch of personalization can make people feel very important and there is no better way to give a gift like you care. Let us share with you our top picks in these 4 categories - custom apparel, custom tech accessories, personalized stationery and custom home accessories. Before we start with the items, we also listed out some great personalization ideas to help you personalize and plan your gift.

Creative Personalization Ideas

What comes in mind when you think of a personalized gift? Here’s a list of personalization ideas, for girls and boys, family and friends, to help you perfect your gift. It’s never too early to start planning and research for the perfect gift, so read on!

  • Names & initials - The classic that could never go wrong.
    Everyone has a unique name. You don’t have to know a person inside out to know their name/initials, so this idea works well for acquaintances, close friends, loved ones, and really just anyone. It comes as no surprise that this is perhaps the most common form of personalization on gifts.

  • Dates - Be remembered at least once a year!
    Do you have a special day with the person you’re sending a custom gift to? It could be a birthday, an anniversary, a holiday that has a special meaning to them, the day when you did something funny together or the day. The best thing about this gift personalization idea is that dates reoccur - so this gift, if done right, will be remembered every year!

  • Travel memories & places - Take them back to that perfect memory.
    Stretch your imagination beyond the “person” in the word personalization and think about a place or a travel memory this person may have. People can have long-lasting connections & emotions with a place of significance. Bring back that precious memory with a travel memory. Have a perfect travel photo? Even better! With custom-made gifts being hugely innovative right now, you could surely find a more creative gift idea than framing that photo! A personalization idea to consider for your close friends, travel buddies, and family members.

  • Favorite colors - One shade away from being the perfect custom gift.
    What good is a great gift in the wrong color? Everyone has their favorite (and least favorite) colors. With plenty of companies offering readily-made gifts with the option to customize colors, you can utilize colors as a personalization idea, and your gift is one shade away from being more thoughtful and personal.

  • Meaningful texts - Say it!
    We’ve talked about names and initials on custom gifts, a safe option that could never go wrong. But if you know the person beyond their names, you could try other forms of texts such as quotes, a funny catchphrase, or what you’d like to say to that person. With the power of words, this personalization idea could add context to your gift and make the gift even more meaningful.

  • Pets - People with pets are the easiest to impress.

Does the person you’re sending a gift to have a pet? If so, congrats! Pet people are easy to impress because they are OBSESSED with their pets 24/7, so this personalization idea is a no brainer that will work 100% of the time. Any pet-inspired accessories or better, custom-made gifts with their pet’s name, photos or paintings on them will surely put a big smile on them!


We hope these personalization ideas helped you plan that special custom gift for that special person! Now that you have a more concrete idea in mind, that’s take a look at some of our top picks for customizable unisex gifts. All our picks are non-gender specific, and we aim for gifts that are more on the practical side (so they will actually use them!). Some other key factors that we took into consideration include - product quality, creativity, size of product range (the more the merrier!), etc to help you explore your choices and plan the perfect personalized gift!

Custom Design Clothing/Apparel Gifts


Our first category is clothing and apparel, because not just girls, everyone likes a fresh piece of good-looking clothing! You can go an extra step and customize apparel gifts with the right colors, or add embroidery that would make it more significant. Here are our top picks for customizable apparel gifts:

Personalized Gift Idea - Polo Ralph Lauren Custom Shop

Polo Ralph Lauren is perhaps one of the most popular apparel brands in the US famous for producing high-quality clothing and accessories. We know that being widely popular is probably the opposite of what you should look for in a unique custom-made personal gift, but did you know they have a custom shop now? You could customize some of their most iconic clothing designs without sacrificing on quality. You could customize colors, monogram, and choose what to print on their wide range of classic designs - polo shirts, t-shirts, cardigans, cashmere jumpers, etc.


Price: A bit on the high end, from $55-$300

Customization options: knit, embroidery, prints

Ideal custom gift for: Mom & dads, boyfriend, young professionals

If you’re looking for a personalized gift for a sporty person, try customizing a pair of lifestyle sneakers or professional sport shoes with Nike By You. Nike lets you play with different colors in almost every detail of their sneakers including base, tips, tongue, logos, laces and more. In some designs you can even add texts (usually limited within 4 letters - good for monogramming). We love their user-friendly app that lets users preview their custom designs from multiple different angles.

Personalized Gift Idea - Nike by You sneakers customization tool

Price: Not far from regular non-custom Nike shoes, around $90-$250 per pair

Customization options: mainly customizing colors, some designs allow printed texts

Ideal custom gift for: Girlfriends, boyfriends, kids, those with active lifestyle

A pair of jeans and a denim jacket are wardrobe essentials for people of all ages and genders. Can you think of a person that does not own a single piece of denim wear? We can’t, either. Denim wear is perhaps the most versatile type of clothing, so it would make an ideal gift. Levi’s, the denim wear giant, offers customizable denim wear, t-shirts, hoodies and other accessories on its Levi’s Tailor Shop. Aside from prints and embroidery, you could also customize a pair of jean’s wash, overdye, patterns and even distress (worn, damaged or destructed). Take your wardrobe essentials to the next level!

Personalized Gift Idea - Levi's Tailor Shop online customization tool

Price: From $30-$150

Customization options: Embroidery, prints, denim wash and overdye colors

Ideal custom gift for: Students, your stylish friend and anyone really

Personalized Tech Accessories


Next on our list of thoughtful and practical unisex custom gifts are tech accessories. Smartphones and computers are now such a huge part of our lives, boys or girls, young or old, no one can really live without these devices. There are tons of tech accessories to choose from, but we’ve narrowed it down to protective tech accessories for smartphones and MacBook/laptops because of their practical nature and wide variety of designs. You can easily create stunning and personalized tech accessories with these top 3 brands:  

If you like the idea of city-inspired souvenirs you would definitely love the City Marble iPhone Cases from Case Company. They have taken that concept to the next level with an integrated app that allows you to pull up anywhere on the global map. Users can customize by zooming in to any specific area that they like, and further personalize the design with one of their stunning and stylish color filters and/or add stickers to it. If you have that special memory in a special place, this would be the perfect personalized gift. Aside from iPhone cases, they also make custom cases for many other brands such as Samsung, Google, LG and more.

Personalized Gift Idea - Case Company City Marble online customization tool

Price: From $20

Customization options: Fully customizable map location, color filters, texts on phone case

Ideal custom gift for: Your friend from abroad, your travel buddy, and your boyfriend/girlfriend


Not everyone has that special location to reference as a personalization idea, but chances are you have (hopefully more than 1) photos that bring back wonderful memories! Slick Case’s custom photo MacBook and iPhone cases will make that special gift. Specializing in high-definition laser printing, Slick Case will bring your precious photos to live on their protective cases. Some best personalization ideas are travel photos, pet photos, BFF photos and family photos. Choose from one of their beautifully designed photo collage or grid layouts and upload your photos to create a unique, personalized, finely printed MacBook or iPhone case.

Price: Custom photo iPhone case $35 / MacBook case $77

Customization options: Finely print your favorite photos

Ideal custom gift for: Grandparents, parents, pet owners, travel buddies and your BFF

If you don’t have a shared location or memory captured on photos, you always have the option to create a custom gift from scratch. Casetify’s custom studio is a great place to kick-start that design. Choose from one of their trendy iPhone case designs to start from, and further customize it by choosing a color, adding texts up to 8-10 characters in a font of your choice, and you also get to decide where the texts are placed on the phone case. An ideal custom gift to put that name, initial or a favorite word on. Casetify’s phone cases are more on the bulky and heavy end, but it’s worth mentioning that they are shock-proof and very protective.

Personalized Gift Idea - Casetify iphone custom studio

Price: Custom photo iPhone case from $45

Customization options: Color, font, texts, and text placement

Ideal custom gift for: Your clumsy friend, BFF, teenage kids, college students

Personalized Stationery


Few experiences come close to achieving the sensation of writing with pen and paper. Even in a time where we rely heavily on technology, there is something about scribbling and sketching down things physically that make the stationery industry irreplaceable. Many work still takes place off-line, making stationery a must in school, offices and households. Having that said, it makes so much sense to give personalized stationery of high quality as a gift. In a world that moves so fast, it is nice to slow things down and own something that can be touched, kept and passed on for years.

Moleskine is a brand many are familiar with. They first won their popularity with their Italian-designed notebooks, and have since then expanded their product range to other travel and tech accessories and even digitized their “smart notebooks” collection. They also offer collections of their iconic personalized notebooks and planners. You can customize notebooks and planners that are made for general use, or even more interesting is that they also have collections made for very specific purposes such as music notebooks, reporter notebooks, sketchbooks and Japanese albums. This is a classy and elegant gift option to consider.

Personalized Gift Idea - Moleskine online customization tool

Price: Around $10-$40

Customization options: Color, font, texts, symbols

Ideal custom gift for: Artistic friend, writers, working professionals, anyone classy and elegant


Our next pick are these personalized flat notes from Rifle Paper Co. that are made in the US. Products from Rifle Paper Co. have a very distinctive, elegant and lively art style that makes them unique and most of their designs are flower-inspired. This flat note set is finely printed on high-quality paper, and customization options include choosing a printed greeting, adding a name in a font of your choice. You also have the option to print a return address. We love the vivid and elegant design and the details of this flat note set. One downside is that they do not have an app that allows you to preview your design instantly, but an email including the preview will be sent for approval once the order is placed.

Personalized Gift Idea - Rifle Paper personalized flat notes

Price: From $85 / 20 notes with envelopes

Customization options: Name or initials, font, greeting

Ideal custom gift for: Mom, your boss, entrepreneurs, people who enjoy high-end gifts

Custom Homeware & Decorative Home Accessories


The final category that completes our personalized gift guide is home accessories. These items are a little less practical given their decorative nature, but they are thoughtful gifts if done right and will surely be appreciated. Good personalization ideas to incorporate in custom home accessories gifts are photos, dates, pets and texts. Here are our top picks:

The idea of this personalized gift is fairly simple. Print a photo out, frame it, and use them as a decorative piece to brighten up a house. There is no magic there and how good this personalized gift depends greatly on how you pick that photo. We suggest a scenic photo from a wonderful trip, a cute photo of a pet (let’s be honest, pets are the STAR of any family), or go with the classic family group photo. For those who still do not have a clue, Simply Framed also gives you the option to print out any Instagram photo. Another great detail is that you get to choose from their beautifully designed frame collection.

Personalized Gift Idea - Simply Framed online framed photo maker

Price: From around $90

Customization options: Photo, frame of your choice, printed paper, many other details

Ideal custom gift for: Family members, your influencer friend, pet owners, travel addicts

10. Custom Neon - Light up your home with a personalized neon sign

The last personalized gift recommendation is a little unconventional yet very trendy. Aside from their huge readily made LED neon lights, Custom Neon also allows you to create fully customized neon signs that serve as both home accessories or shop decors. This custom gift is sure to be “loud” and attention-grabbing - so get your creative juices flowing and go big with this gift! Their app enables a preview of your design - text up to 20 or more characters, a font from their very stylish library, and a color that pops! It would be a meaningful gift if you know a favorite quote from a person or want to show them a quote that they need to hear (and see every day)!

Personalized Gift Idea - Custom Neon neon sign online customization tool

Price: From around $120 - $500, depending on size and length of characters

Customization options: Texts, fonts, colors

Ideal custom gift for: Loft style lovers, chic friend, friends who love quotes, party animals

And that is a wrap of our list of personalization gift ideas! No matter what item you decide to customize, we recommend you spend some time planning the gift, get second opinions from mutual friends if you have them, and just be really creative and personal using the personalization ideas in the beginning of the article. Pour your heart and soul into it, dig deep for memories and little details, and customize your perfect gift!

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Macbook Keypad Macbook Air/Pro 13’-17’ [A1369/A1466/A1425/A1502/A1398/A1278/A1286] Keypad - Wood

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