Personalize Your New Macbook Air 13-Inch With MacBook Air Case And Others

Making good things happen, require a lot of efforts and your New MacBook Air 13-inch does it quickly for you. But being light and slim you don’t want it to be thrown out with the trash.

Having a tougher exterior doesn’t mean it’s safe from daily scratches. Protecting it from any kind of knocks and scrapes should be your responsibility towards your MacBook Air.

In this blog post, we will share how to personalize your MacBook Air 13-Inch. This post serves the best for those who already have a Mac and also for those who are thinking to purchase one.

Okay! So you already own a MacBook or are in a consideration to buy one. If you did previously then indeed its a good decision, if you haven’t then stick here and be ready to get some cool information no one’s talking about.

You will be amazed by the different companies popping up every day with their unique or the same functionality having Windows as the operating system. Making the market more confused, isn’t it? You have to go with brands first whether it’s reputable or not, then what are the specifications (less or more), is that having the trendy design and many more questions like these.

But for Apple products, everyone knows the reputation and is much simpler to go through each product and get your consideration faster. Apple doesn’t have as many options compared to different brands who are making Windows PCs but it focuses on bringing the solution to the people with its high-end design and technology, bundled with tons of useful and life-saver applications. Bringing a simpler to go option for people around the world.

Here are Top 5 Reasons to Choose Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air Over PCs Laptops

Here’s an Infographic for you and you can read it more below:

Personalize Your MacBook
  • 1. MacBook’s Are Expensive But They Worth It:

  • When you are considering to buy a laptop the noise in the market is so much and you might get lost and consider something that you are not going to use in a long run.

    With tons of different brands almost popping every day, it creates a dilemma for the user to go for the best and for some to go for the budget one. But after buying a Windows laptop and using it for a couple of years, it loses it worth over the time pretty quickly. Which always gives you a bad deal when you are selling it to another.

    But what happens to a MacBook? Does it really lose it’s worth that quickly?

    No, it doesn’t!

    MacBooks are famous for their overall worth and it indeed is a good investment for your money. If you are looking to sell your old MacBook here’s a guide from Cnet, on how to maximize the cash when you sell an old Macbook.

    2.User Preference

    According to Code42, 78% IT Professionals cite User Preference as the main reason for bringing Apple products into the workplace. As adoption of Mac depends on many factors in which IT cost savings and being the most secure platform for businesses are on the top.


    3. Hardware & Software Both Made by Apple

    Both the hardware and software are designed by Apple on every MacOS. Giving more way to Apple to develop software to optimize their hardware. On the other hand, Windows and Linux both need to work on the majority of hardware which makes them more bloated and less optimised. MacOS is capable to optimize the limited hardware support in a form that enables it for solid performance overall.


    4. Happier End Users

    Apple believes in making things easy, even for the layman. And this approach is liked by Mac users. Just take an example of files on MacOS. One could easily tag it on a different colour code. Making it much simpler to remember and distinguish among tons of files.

    User satisfaction is another factor that drives people to choose MacOS over PCs. The bigger tech giants like IBM and Deloitte have already accepted that 91% of their colleagues have reported satisfaction working on Mac and they say, it made them more productive at the workplace.


    5. MacBooks Comes in Pro & Air- Able to Choose between Light-Weight or Techier

    Whether you love your Mac to be as light as feathers or to be techier, Apple serves both. For daily and general tasks MacBook Air can be the best while when it comes to development and video editings the high-end configuration of MacBook Pro handles the situation.

    Since you showed amazing patience by sticking to the post, here's an additional bonus point for you ;)

    * Always be in an Ecosystem

    If you use other Apple products like Apple Watch, iPods, iPads, iPhones then being on an ecosystem will be your best way to enjoy the seamless workflow as Apple devices work extremely well with each other.

    Now you should be thinking of how you can be unique among millions of Macbook users over the globe?

    You can be different than many others. That’s True.

    It’s all about personalization, the way you wanted it to be, the way you will be presenting it to the world and creating a noise among your friends about your fashion sense in customizing your products will make you and your Mac stand out from the crowd.

    There are many ways to personalize your expensive Mac. We will be discussing few internal ways where you can customize your laptop beyond the way you think you could and also customizing it by external ways: using stickers & decals or by getting a premium, tailor-made, trendy and unique MacBook Air Case.

    How To Quickly Personalize Your MacBook Using Internal Settings

    It’s always good to give your device a better look that makes it your own. As research suggests clothings makes us to be more confident, the same can be applied to your laptop. Having a still and boring wallpaper since the day you bought your laptop is not going to serve the purpose. It gives it a monotonous look and also keeps you less productive. Here’s an article from Adam Evans, Co-Founder of CampZimmer who is a UX/UI designer by profession said: How I increased my productivity 10x with a simple background

    Change Your Wallpaper Automatically, Consistently (Every Hours, Days, Month)

    Personalize Your MacBook

    To change your wallpaper go to your System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver. You can do this either by pressing Command-Space to bring up the spotlight and entering Desktop to get the preference or by using the Apple icon, at the top left of the menu bar.

    Once you are done selecting a wallpaper, choose the option to change it automatically ranging from When Logged In to Every Day.

    Go for the Quirky iTunes Artwork Screensaver

    Personalize Your MacBook

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    Soon after your MacBook sleeps, it displays the black with a subtle, shifting white Apple icon and a bit of text, usually the username. But do you need be on a default setting?

    No way! This is the main reason behind writing a whole new article to personalize your MacBook. To select a different screen saver, go to Apple menu > System Preferences, select Desktop & Screen Saver, and then click the Screen Saver tab.

    If you’re an iTunes lover, the best way to showcase your love towards music will be getting an artistic iTunes Artwork Screensaver.


    Make Your Files & Folder Icons Alive By Creating Custom One For Them

    Don’t you get bored with the all-time blue icons of your files and folder? You got an option, CHANGE THEM.

    You can create a custom icon for any file or folder using your own pictures, your cute cat or maybe your dog or whatever, you can also download icons from the web, or the icon from another file or folder.

    To set-up an icon from another file or folder

    Use the picture you want or download a picture from the web

    Copy the picture to the Clipboard on your Mac

    To do this you have to open the picture in the Preview app, choose Edit > Select All, then choose Edit > Copy.

    Then select the file or folder whose icon you want to replace, then choose File > Get Info.

    At the top of the Info window, click the picture of the icon, then choose Edit > Paste.

    Ta daaa! You are all set with your own custom icon.

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    Personalize your MacBook: Give A Whole New Look To Your Mac Using Stickers & Decals:

    Did we mention that you can change the look that your Mac is having?

    Ah! We kept it just for you. SlickCase MacBook Decals will artify your laptop to be a bright and shiny posh look.

    We have some personal recommendations of decals for your MacBook Air 13-inch. They are very easy to apply and will give your Mac a creative bent. Here’s a guide on "How to use a Decal".

    While decals and stickers change the way your MacBook used to look, they aren’t protecting your it from any shocks, scratches or damages it might get.

    Give Your Mac A Trendy & Stylish Yet Protective Case

    Imagine yourself, wearing your dream dress or a suit. Maybe your wedding one, I know that it drives you crazy. Not only does it holds your senses and gives you a breath-taking experience, but it also has emotions attached to it.

    Same is with your MacBook which has a minimalist either silver, grey or a gold look. Your MacBook urges to live in a colourful world with a shiny sleek dress on it.

    Do you think not giving it one is best for your expensive and most important friend of your daily life?

    I guess, you said NO!

    Then why not turn your MacBook Air into the tool of your creativity with the unique design of MacBook Air 13-Inch Case as creative as you wanted it to be.

    As it’s even said:

    “Creative thinking inspires ideas

    Ideas inspire change”

    -Barbara Januszkiewicz

    Why You Should Invest In A Macbook Air Case?

    You indeed have invested a lot purchasing your MacBook and now you don’t want any other incurs. But buying one from SlickCase won’t crash your bank account.

    Just to tell you, investing in a MacBook Air Case will prove to be gold.

    Yeah, maybe not gold but it will worth the investment. The more charming and secured your laptop would be, the more you can expect it go in the long run. Even one day when you are at a point to sell, it will still be fruitful as you have taken serious care of it.  

    Your MacBook deserves to be protected all the time with something that is gracefully designed, with an artistic bent, which is eye-catchy while making a fashion statement for you.

    If you are after a worthy suit which keeps your laptop intact all the time, we have some coolest recommendations for you.

    We at SlickCase are not just selling MacBook Cases and Covers, but we inspire people to be creative, to explore themselves innovatively and for these people we constantly design the best. At SlickCase we have more than 500 designs for your MacBook Air to turn it from a minimalist to the point of your creativeness.

    Have a look at our collection of MacBook Air 13-Inch Case and give us a comment on which you liked the most.

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