10 Brilliant MacBook Cases and Sleeves Under $60

Just after a week holding a brand new MacBook, I had an unfortunate accident. My laptop fell down from my hand while I was using a staircase and got some serious scratches. I know it could have been avoided by giving a bit attention. To make it simpler, I was not using any MacBook Cases and Sleeves which was the reason for the above sad event.

After facing such an event, I wanted to share it with everyone that using a good MacBook Case or a Sleeve could be a life-saver for your Mac. And this post will be giving the idea of getting the best one for your MacBook.

In today’s world where we are living and are exposed more to social media than in real life, it becomes much important to put a personal style as a statement which plays a major role in reflecting your personality to others. This post has gone through all the products that we have on SlickCase and it’s our personal recommendation for you to grab a MacBook Case or a Sleeve that suits you the best.

We’ve made a list of Cases of our different collection like Marbleous, Floriferous, Black PinkParadise, Quotes, Metagalaxy, Geometric, Nature, Simplicity & Transparent Cases and Sleeves like Spill-Proof Leather Zip Bag, Plain Zip Bag, Padded Sponze-lined Zip Bag, and Leather sleeves.

The main reason we all should be pondering on while buying our accessories is, they must exhibit your personality and moreover they should be working as a shield for your MacBook, protecting it from dust, knocks and any shocks.

Let’s start with some coolest Top-Rated MacBook Cases and Sleeves that will blow your mind with design and their uniqueness. All SlickCase MacBook Cases comes for 9 different Variants of Mac:

MacBook Air 11-inch
MacBook Air 12-inch
MacBook Air 13-inch
MacBook Pro Retina Display 13-inch
MacBook Pro Retina Display 15-inch
MacBook Pro non-Retina Display 13-inch
MacBook Pro non-Retina Display 15-inch
MacBook  New Pro 13-inch - With/without Touch Bar (2016-2018)
MacBook  New Pro 13-inch - With/without Touch Bar (2016-2018)


SlickCase Marbleous collection

Slick Case Marbleous collection has found out the way to turn your laptop into more premium one. The artistic style has totally done by SlickCase and is available in several colours. The Marble MacBook case is one of the most impressive cases at SlickCase. The case has a textured matte feel just like marble, which is extremely satisfying all the times.

If you are after a case that matches your daily life, brings more attraction and is a source of inspiration for your Instagram then look no further, this case is just perfect for you.

Another point when you look at the Marble MacBook Case is it does not add any bulky weight to your MacBook, giving it a more premium look.

This marble case is just 1mm thin and has a weight of 0.5 lb making it a sleekest & lightweight case having the ability to protect your Mac from cracks, shocks, scratches and any damages.

Ideal User: To have this beautiful Marble MacBook Cases you don’t need to be a star or something else, but this does suit the best to the young, creative mindsets. The case itself will create a vibe around you and at times it’s the best ice-breaker.


Slick Case Floriferous collection


Slick Case Floriferous collection is designed for those who love flowers and always wanted to be surrounded by it. This beautiful and extremely adorable case will fit with any outfit and you’re good to go everywhere. While the case is designed to look like florals, doesn’t mean it won’t be protecting your device for any scratches and damages. The Floral MacBook case is designed to put your imagination always on the top and let you be energized with the bright colours.

Ideal User:

If you wanted your device to become more flowery than ever yet durable and protective or you wanna make your friends jealous with the coolest look of SlickCase Floriferous collection, then this case fits you the best.


Slick Case Black collection

Get engaged with our Black MacBook Case Collection with its audacity, authority, elegance & sophistication. We bring one of our beloved MacBook Cases to you. These black cases have designed to match your identity and to exhibit your sense of luxury.

Ideal User: If you love things to be luxury and wanna show your taste of fashion to the rest of the world, SlickCase Black MacBook Cases are your best companion.

Pink Paradise

Slick Case Pink Paradise collection

As the name suggests, if you’ve fallen in love with Pink, then we have made Pink Paradise Collection for your expensive MacBook. This case perfectly blends with your style and gives you a unique persona. The classy design will never get you bored and could be the best gift for your sister, mom or your girlfriend.

Ideal User: If you go all things Pink, then cool, we’ve added one more onto your wardrobe. Pink Paradise MacBook Cases collection is uniquely designed for people like you who always wanted to stay in the trend and care much for their overall look. While the case is indeed impressive with different Pink Palettes to select from, SlickCase designers have done a great job making it a shield for your MacBook with as light as feather. Okay maybe not, but does not add bulks because it's just 1 mm thin and 0.5 lb in weight.

Quotes & Typography

Slick Case Typography and Quotes Case collection

Fun has just got a new way and with Slick Case Typography and Quotes Case collection we will double it for you. Typography allows us to bring in the most innovative design spoken with the words that help you keep rejoiced and be more productive all day.

Ideal User: Typography MacBook Case is perfect for those who love the fun side and are busy spreading the smiles with their personality. This case collection proves that your Mac doesn’t deserve a naked look. Give your device a sleek case which is perfectly crafted for your personality and goes well with every situation. As using this Typography case not only would give a humorous look but is designed in the way to always protect your laptop from any outer harm.


Slick Case Metagalaxy collection

Stars are no more dreams with Slick Case Metagalaxy collection. Turn your laptop into the milky way galaxy where planets and stars will always be with you. This case is handpicked for those who have a strong affection with the solar system and intergalactic space.

Ideal User: SlickCase Metagalaxy collection is best for those who always wanted to explore the universe and have strong curiosity towards the galaxy. If you always dreamt of the moon and the stars, worry not we have just crafted a perfect MacBook Case for your needs. SlickCase designers have perfectly crafted this case for your Mac so that even in your exploration, Metagalaxy keeps your MacBook safe as Luke Skywalker did.


Slick Case Geometric collection

Whether you liked mathematics in high school or not. One thing for sure, you will fall in love with our Geometric MacBook Case Collection. Choose from the vibrant geometrical shapes and bring a whole new experience for your MacBook. SlickCase Geometric MacBook Cases not only stay at the top of the design, but our team has made sure that it covers and shed its protection from scratches and any wear and tear.

Ideal User:  As mentioned before you don’t have to be a die-hard fan of geometrical shapes to fell in love with this carefully crafted design but in case you are then it goes beyond your expectations. Get your whole concentration on your work and be more productive with our Geometric MacBook Case Collection and stay up in the trend.


Slick Case Nature collection

How can we not mention and design something for the lovers of nature? Well, we are an eco-friendly company and have immense love for nature. That’s why we created Nature MacBook Case Collection to let you see the beauty from your Mac. Get a peace of mind with breathtaking designs that will motivate you to explore fell in love over again.

Ideal User:  If you love traveling and exploring new and awe-inspiring places, then you are the best match to grab it. Show the world your love towards nature and its beauty. Protect your Mac from any damages with SlickCase Nature MacBook Case Collection.


Slick Case Simplicity collection

The world has more to see from the minimalist vision and for this we have our Simplicity MacBook Collection bringing minimalist design without losing the elegance of your Mac. With colours like matte sky blue, matte red, matte sea blue and many more, be ready to dive into your favourite colour and unveil your simplicity.

Ideal User: You would love our Simplicity MacBook Cases Collection if you are a minimalist person who doesn’t go very fancy but still wanted to be in the trend. All the products at SlickCase have designed taking care of the overall weight and to always be sleek and fashionable.


Slick Case Transparent collection

Being transparent yet full of beyond imaginative creations, Transparent MacBook Cases stands out with its unique art and is among our best selling cases. With designs that are just flashing over your Mac’s cover, there is no reason left for saying no to this case.

Sizes: The Simplicity Collection is available for MacBook of 9 variants and is suitable for 11’, 12’, 13’ and 15’ screens.

Ideal User:  Transparency is considered the best traits of any human being, using the Transparent MacBook Cases Collection, demonstrate your nature while giving the best ever protection and look to your Mac.

MacBook & Laptop Sleeves

MacBook & Laptop Sleeves

Slick Case MacBook Sleeves are made to fully envelop your mac while your commuting and bringing it to different places. Our MacBook Sleeves comes in budget-friendly options to give you Mac even more protection keeping its snug fit in the sleeves. These zipper sleeves come in vibrant colours and design and are made of a protective padded material, protecting from falls and maintain healthy room temperatures for your MacBook.

Sizes: SlickCase MacBook Cases comes for these 9 different Variants of Mac:

MacBook Air 11-inch
MacBook Air 12-inch
MacBook Air 13-inch
MacBook Pro Retina Display 13-inch
MacBook Pro Retina Display 15-inch
MacBook Pro non-Retina Display 13-inch
MacBook Pro non-Retina Display 15-inch
MacBook  New Pro 13-inch - With/without Touch Bar (2016-2018)
MacBook  New Pro 13-inch - With/without Touch Bar (2016-2018)

Ideal User:  Made with high-quality polyester, with gliding zipper that opens smoothly, SlickCase MacBook and Laptop Sleeves are good to go for those having business meetings and are traveling to different places keeping their MacBook or Laptop always intact. Even though the sleeves are so fluffy and smooth, it has shock absorption ability and protects your device against dust, dirt, bump, shock and accidental scratches.