8 Best Uniquely Textured MacBook Pro Cases for 13, 15 and 16 Inch in 2020

Have you ever accidentally dropped or scratched your MacBook Pro? Man, it hurts, especially when it’s damaged and you realize how expensive it costs to repair it. Luckily more and more people are now aware of the importance of protecting their MacBooks at all times with protective MacBook accessories such as MacBook cases, MacBook covers, MacBook decals and MacBook sleeves.

But protection alone isn’t enough. You have the choice to also stand out and be unique with your MacBook cases. We’ve curated and reviewed a list of the best and most uniquely textured MacBook Pro cases you can find. Learn more about the texture, protective features and more all in one place.

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1. Ion CarbonShell Case By Carbon Fiber Gear


  • Unique texture: Carbon fiber look-alike
  • Available MacBook Pro model(s): MacBook Pro 15 inch with Touch Bar
  • Protection & style: High-end, techy, sleek look of carbon fiber material with good protection.


(2020 update: We’ve learned that this MacBook Pro case for MacBook Pro 15 and other MacBook Pro models have been discontinued. However, Carbon Fiber Gear also has a great alternative - their Londono Carbon Fiber & Leather Sleeve for 15" Macbook is actually made of real carbon fiber and leather. )

Carbon fiber is a really cool and unique material that is often used in sports cars, high-end sports equipment and sometimes space crafts, thanks to its lightweight and strong characteristics, thus giving the high-tech vibe. Although not really made from carbon fiber, this Ion CarbonShell MacBook Pro Case by Carbon Fiber Gear closely mimics the look of the carbon fiber texture, and is actually made from a patented material, polyurethane crafted on a highly durable polycarbonate shell making this case highly durable and more affordable. (The real carbon fiber material would be pretty costly.)

2. Brik Book By BRIK


  • Unique texture: Lego-like brick building sets to build pixel art
  • Available MacBook Pro model(s): MacBook Pro 15 inch & 13 inch
  • Protection & style: Unique, fully customizable lego design. Less stress on protection.


This list would be incomplete with this very special Brik Book MacBook case. Brik Book was brought to life via a successful Kickstarter campaign. Similar to legos, its brick building sets enables highly customizable and fun DIY designs. Brick Books are highly customizable and are available in 6000+ designs. Although they are not affiliated with LEGO, the fun is no less.

This MacBook Pro case is sure a lot of fun, and the real brick texture makes it a truly unique choice of protection for your MacBook Pros.

3. Real Wood MacBook Cases By Alvin Industries


  • Unique texture: Real wood, sustainably sourced
  • Available MacBook Pro model(s): MacBook Pro 13 inch
  • Protection & style: Great look and feel with personalization options. Hardshell case with bumper.


(Update 2020: This wooden MacBook case isn’t yet available for MacBook 15 and 16 inch models. )

We love Alvin Industries’ collection of real wood MacBook cases. By leveraging wood as the main product, their MacBook cases are not only good in aesthetics but also unique. Because of the individuality of wood, the cases come very uniquely impressive. You can choose from a variety of wooden textures - rosewood, walnut, black ash, cherry and more.

If you’ve gone through our previous post for the best MacBook air cases then you know the story behind Alvin. But let me just give a small idea here Alvin Industries was started by the couple Alex and Kevin. They both share the same affection and passion for design and fabrication and loved the idea of everything wood and believe wood should be on everything. This is what inspired them to create Alvin (Alex+Kevin) which creates real-wood cases, having the best protection for your laptop. Oh, did we mention that Alvin Industries products are made of 100% sustainable wood? You would be making a responsible purchase with this dashing wooden MacBook Pro case.


4. Custom Marble MacBook Case by Slick Case


  • Unique texture: Finely printed marble texture
  • Available MacBook Pro model(s): MacBook Pro 13 inch, 15 inch, and latest 16 inch
  • Protection & style: Classy marble prints with custom initials. MacBook protective case with shock absorption.


(Update 2020: Almost all Slick Case MacBook case designs are now available for MacBook Pro 16 inch and 15 inch models. )

Another trend that has taken the world by storm is this unique texture - marble. Marble prints are simple, classy, timeless and are here to stay. For obvious reasons, this MacBook Pro case isn’t made of real marble, but this case is finely printed with high-definition laser printing techniques, making it lifelike yet affordable. This design also provides personalization options and lets you add whatever texts you like onto the marble MacBook design.

Slick Case has one of the most complete collections of marble MacBook cases (and is one of the few companies that makes cases for MacBook Pro 16 inch), some of them with customizable options. No matter what style you’re after, you can find the marble MacBook case that goes perfectly with your outfit and flaunt your MacBoo Pro at school and coffee shops.


5. Plasma Series MacBook Pro Case By UAG


  • Unique texture: Rugged MacBook case with armor shell
  • Available MacBook Pro model(s): MacBook Pro 13 inch and 15 inch
  • Protection & style: Masculine design, extremely protective armor shell with bumper

Unlike other MacBook cases, which provides a certain level of protection to safeguard your laptop, the rugged UAG Plasma MacBook Pro is a robust solution for those who always have nightmares of damaging their laptop permanently.

The case is made with Armor shell and has impact resistant bumpers to handle the hardest shocks. It also has dual lock secure screen closure that helps the screen from getting damaged as well. This case passes the standard of military drop test (MIL-STD 810G 516.6) and is a perfect solution if you’re scared. The case is made of clear/grey-tinted polycarbonate giving it a strong look and safe from scratches and any debris.

If you are a kind of person who is always out for sites and other visits and carry your laptop everywhere you go, this case should be the real deal for you. So if you’re after solid protection and wished to have your laptop stand out grab on UAG case for your Mac. The case is a bit heavier than the others but the protection it provides, totally worth the weight.


6. Glitty Leather for MacBook Pro By Glitty

  • Unique texture: Genuine full grain leather
  • Available MacBook Pro model(s): MacBook Pro 13, 15 and latest 16 inch
  • Protection & style: Clean, premium look. Lightweight and scratch resistant.


Glitty Leather for MacBook Pro helps you look different with their handmade leather MacBook covers and from their expertise in craftsmanship. There are many leather laptop covers available, but this MacBook is out pick because whenever someone buys one case they plant one tree. Isn’t that awesome eco-friendly campaign?

All of the cases are super stylish & amazingly lightweight and made from genuine full grain cowhide leather. The product uses a high-quality 3M liner that removes and clean without residue.

This leather MacBook cover is a bit different from the other ones on our list. It does not feature a hardshell laptop case with snap-on application, but rather a piece of lightweight MacBook cover that can be reused.


7. iGlaze Hardshell Case By Moshi

  • Unique texture: Special coating, slightly matte clear case
  • Available MacBook Pro model(s): MacBook Pro 13 and 15 inch
  • Protection & style: Clean, premium look. Lightweight and scratch resistant.


(Update 2020: Moshi iGlaze is not yet available for MacBook 16 inch models. )

A premium hard shell cover, constructed in two pieces with raised rubberized feet to be intact anywhere and a rear vent cut out for improved airflow.

iGlaze is surface-treated with a specialized coating to offer supreme scratch resistance and is completely compatible with Moshi's full line of accessories for MacBook. It also has a slight matte finish which makes this clear Macbook case a bit more trendier than other clear MacBook cases and is also easier to clean.

Designed for style & protection, Moshi's iGlaze is an ultimate slim-fit hardshell case for your MacBook Pro. The precision-tooled case is thin, lightweight, and extremely durable to protect your computer from the unforeseen shocks of daily life. Anti-slip rubber feet provide grip on all types of surfaces and elevate your MacBook to keep a steady flow of air circulating underneath your device.


8. BookBook Vol. 2 By Twelve South

  • Unique texture: Genuine, vintage leather
  • Available MacBook Pro model(s): MacBook Pro 13 and 15 inch
  • Protection & style: Designed for your MacBook to look like a real book. Full protection with zipper.


BookBook Vol.2 is designed to perfectly match the feel of a book. It acts as MacBook case and also a MacBook sleeve thanks to its zippers. Crafted with high-quality leather and has beautiful stitching and has an exceptional feeling.

BookBook features the highest level of protection to your MacBook. The soft microfiber inside the case helps in protecting the surface of the laptop. It has high-grade zip that closes the two hardback covers which makes the laptop resistant from crashes, scratches and shocks.

The case also has a secret hideaway for documents. In case if you always carry some private and important documents, this case is going to make your life easier with the special compartment for documents.

The company emphasizes that BookBook’s have been protecting MacBooks from the hands of thieves for over six years. Customers have shared stories of finding their homes and cars broken into and their MacBooks untouched because the burglars were fooled by the vintage book look of BookBook.


And that wraps up our list of the 8 best uniquely textured MacBook Pro cases! Although it is tempting to buy Macbook cases solely based on its looks, we recommend that you carefully think about your lifestyle before making a decision. If you usually use your MacBook in offices and at home, you could go for more lightweight and aesthetic options such as Slick Case, Glitty, Moshi. If you’re a physically active person (or clumsy) you should get stronger and bulkier Macbook cases such as the ones from UAG for better protection. Leather covers, on the other hand, are much less protective, and are more suitable for people who do not really carry their Macbook Pro around but would like to add some extra style to it.

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