Best MacBook Air Case

At Slick Case, we always push ourselves to bring you the most outstanding and best MacBook Air case.


Our covers and protective cases offer not only protection but the splendid designs to your MacBook Air.

As we are set to provide only the best MacBook Air cases for your macbook air 11 inch and macbook air 13 inch, we will walk you through with our top designs. 

Carrying a laptop usually has some risk, especially the danger to which we expose our devices and that's why Laptop covers were made. 

We all want to protect our devices and such can be done only with much care. But don't you worry because to guard your devices, we have designed the best macbook case. So that you can move anywhere with your mac without worrying.

Whether you're looking for an elegant model or just a basic one for your laptop, Slick Case provides with all. 

Below are few of our best macbook air case collections:

MacBook Air Case - Metagalaxy Collection


This MacBook case is designed to protect mac with 13, 12 and 11-inch screen dimensions, guaranteeing resistance to possible spills of liquids or falls in displacements. 


Already on the outside, its synthetic finish also offers durability guarantees, as well as being easy to clean.

Typography MacBook Case

typography macbook case collection

The protective case is split into two parts, an upper cover, and a lower case. The Snap-on scheme makes it simple to install or remove the protective case. 


We have given extra care to all the ports, so even when the case is on, you can easily access to all ports.

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MacBook Case Set - Adorable Animal Collection

cute animal printed macbook skins

When it comes to the best MacBook air case, you can not count adorable animals out.

Creative design of cute animals. It provides full protection: covers all four corners and includes raised edges.


Precise cutting and design, easy access to all ports, sensors, speakers and all functions.

This high-quality case is compact and durable for maximum protection.

It is compatible with MacBook air 11”, 12”, 13”.


Matte MacBook Air Case

matte macbook cases designs


This smart case combines a sleek design with vibrant colours for stylish protection against scratches, dents, and bumps. Matte cases are designed for superior protection and durability.


Redesigned edge clips hold the case securely upon your laptop and are much safer. This lightweight, slim MacBook case is easy to install and fits tightly to protect against marks. Rubberized feet on the base of the case hold your laptop from sliding around on smooth surfaces.


MacBook Case Set - Floral Collection

floral macbook case collection


Floral MacBook case is the most beautiful protective case printed with enriched and bright colours and it has the most amazing patterns on the market!

This collection contains vibrant and stunning colours, embellish your Mac while giving you the best protection in the best possible way.


Unique cut design - Apple Logo shines through the MacBook sleeve of the Shell, fully complemented by the beautiful and colourful MacBook case. It prevents fingerprints, slips, scratches, falls, dirt, stains, and other damages.

Marble MacBook Case

marble macbook case collection

Your MacBook is your life, we know it. And hence you require a life insurance. We made it easy to protect your Mac with our highly durable and ultra protective marble cases.

Solely snap your MacBook into the two-piece case, and you'll never have to bother about dirt, smudges, or scratches, or damaging your expensive device.

The Marble texture plastic offers full protection without preventing access to your laptop's ports, battery test button, drives, or heat dissipation. Custom-designed to perfectly fit your Macbook. Ergonomically created with non-slip grips on the bottom to let you type comfortably. Aired design prevents laptop fans clear from unobstructed cooling.


Marble texture plastic adds colour to your MacBook, one day one colour, one day one good mood, You Deserve it! Life is too quick to bother about the small things, so protect yourself from those little things with a hard MacBook case!

Clear MacBook Case

clear macbook case collection


Simple & transparent design without the additional risk of damaging your laptop. Protects your MacBook from hard accidental bumps and scratches. We love this case for being the minimalist!


Designed for MacBook air 11 inch and MacBook air 13 inch. Recessed design that makes the Apple logo shine through the case. Its design allows you to open/close your MacBook completely without interrupting your access to any port. I think you should try it.

Tips to keep in mind before buying a MacBook Air case

Do you want to take your MacBook Air more often with you but you are afraid to spoil it?

The best solution is a case that is resistant and that allows you to transport it comfortably.

MacBook Air requires constant care, as they need to be kept in good condition to function properly, so purchasing a MacBook Air case will help keep your device clean and protected from scratches and moisture.

However, it is important that you choose a high-quality sheath model, so that it can fulfil its purpose efficiently.

Among the aspects to consider before choosing are the materials of manufacture of the cover, which can be plastic, vinyl, metal or wood, the important thing is that they offer adequate protection against accidents.

In addition, the design and size are also that must go unnoticed. A model that meets all these requirements is a good one, with a fairly accessible price and good manufacturing quality.