2019 Best Back To School Apple Accessories Deals

Yeah, It’s Back to School Season! The holidays have come to an end and, as every year, the typically combined feelings are set in: should have one more month for summer and the anticipation for the next semester and with there’s some motivation attached. For some, they are boasting with motivation but you and I are still the same: ERROR 404 ( Motivation Not Found)

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Don’t worry you’re not alone. In this blog, I am going to show some of SlickCase’s best products which will not only make up your day but will drive you to go to school/college in your style.

Give a fresh start to your school and college with our products.

Custom Photo Case

So you had a tour in Europe and you just can’t forget it and trust me nothing motivates better than a city trip with the family/friends. What if we tell you that you can have the same view each and every day with you? It’s true! With our Photo Case, you can get your own custom photo printed on the macbook or iPhone case. Keep your eyes on the view that you wanted to have every day and remember the reward that awaits you after the successful completion of the semester.

Pretty illustrations

Do you think school or college is dull and grey? Not fair. Adorable drawings or beautiful illustrations and graphics cases can give your phone or macbook a cool new look! And guess what, they will never have you bored, anymore!

Motivating words

With the new semester, the examinations are close as well and you just feel a little bit refreshed and whole new stress? At this point, our typography cases can make your day up and will give you the motivation needed. Sometimes, encouraging words are so helpful and so are our typography cases. Have your motivation mentor always by your side.


Can’t Go Alone? Go Together

I know how it feels when it comes to friends and we always wanted to share things with our friend we love the most. So why go alone, when you can go together with our cases? Our transparent covers give you one of the best ways to prove your friendship in 2019. 

No matter whether you need transparent lines or eye-catching design, stickers, emojis, name labels or a common photo - everything is possible. Have a look at our Transparent Case collection

Airpod Protection

Got a new set of Airpods? Fewer people think of protecting it with different kinds of daily damages. But we don’t want you to start your school and get doomed with the broken Airpods. Before anything goes wrong, grab one of our AirPods Case Protection which gives a stylish and durable way to protect your AirPods.

Apple Watch Bands

Wanted to give your expensive apple watch a completely new look? You oftentimes make a style statement with the help of your apparel. This time you can do the same with the new apple watch bands. You can easily make your apple watch look smart and as per your personality with the help of right bands available at Slick Case.

Did we mention that our back to school sale is going on? Don’t miss this opportunity to get a discounted rate on your favourite slick case products. Spend atleast 65 dollars and get 35% off on sitewide with coupon code “SKOOL35”. Enjoy school, enjoy Slick Case.