9 Best Macbook Free Apps To Make Life Easier in 2019

While we all know that MacBooks are quite expensive for a middle-class user, but it’s totally worth for the value it provides. The slickness, aesthetics, operating system, best battery life etc. But, while there are several free alternatives for the best application for its competitor windows, there is a dearth of free Mac alternatives. Here we bring out 9 Best MacBook Free Apps which are free by the way but are no less effective than a highly paid app.

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Now enjoy, the article on 9 Best MacBook Free Apps:


1. Night Owl

MacBook app to make life easier

With the introduction of Mac OS Mojave, the biggest anticipated feature for Mac OS was revealed and that was the support for system-wide Dark theme.

While it’s great for most of the native application along with some 3rd party application which has adapted to the dark theme but still various application doesn’t have full dark mode support.

Here, this app is a lifesaver. This app sits in the menu bar and can be used to toggle light and dark mode.

It can also be set at a particular time based on daytime so it changes automatically.

This also allows for setting light mode for a particular app even you stay dark systemwide.

And did I forget to tell you the sound it makes while changing mode, it’s very pleasing owl sound? See for yourself.


Here is how Evernote looks like even system is in dark mode. All toggles are in dark mode, but the application itself is in light mode.

Night Owl MacBook app


2. Spectacles

We all know what window OS is really superb at, you got me, windows management. 

Even with the introduction of Sierra, the split-screen functionality and window size management has really improved, but it’s still far away from smoothness.

Spectacles is a free tool which does this very effectively. The icon sits right in the menu bar. You can easily control the various windows lying around using a click. This is a screenshot of the various option you get.



3. Amphetamine

The piece of software does exactly what its name suggest, improves cognitive and increased wakefulness.

MacBooks are great when it comes to battery life due to very tight integration between hardware and software.

To save battery life, MacBook goes to sleep very frequently, but some time for downloading big files or for other meaningful reason, we need to keep Mac awake and where this little piece of software excels.

Different sessions can be configured on time, or app runs or any file is downloading


4. Pipifier

Macbook apps

While Apple introduced the PiP aka Picture in Picture Mode with the launch of iOS 9 in Safari for iPads, this was a much-awaited feature in MacBook.

Apple introduced this feature in MacBook with macOS Sierra, but it doesn’t support people’s favourite binge-watching platform, Netflix.

This free extension for Safari is really great. It supports every HTML5 video playing on any site to be opened in PiP mode exception being Hulu.

Just install this extension from Mac App Store and make sure you interact with the video once like play/pause to get the extension working.

Here you go, play Netflix video all day long in PiP format doing other necessary tasks on MacBook.


5. The Unarchiver

MacBook App - The Unarchiver

Hands down the best app for MacBook for all your unarchiving need free or otherwise.

Definitely one of those apps which need to be installed first whenever you switch Mac. Way better than default Mac OS archive utility.

The Unarchiver cannot only unarchive common formats such as Zip, RAR (including v5), 7-zip, Tar, Gzip, and Bzip2, but it can also open formats such as StuffIt, ARJ, ARC, ISODiskDoubler, LZH and BIN disc images, Windows.EXE installers and more. The above screenshot from the app website which mentions all the unarchiving formats.


6. Spark Mail

MacBook Apps - Spark Email

Let’s talk about an Email app. Emails are the most important things to manage in your life, especially business life.

So, if you prefer to use the number of accounts, subscribed to a number of newsletters, it can be cluttered demanding for your undivided attention.

Although Apple inbuilt Email App has come a long way in recent times and there are several powerful paid Alternatives, this app is a gem in managing your Emails due to its few very interesting features and for most of an individual requirement, it’s free unless you require Huge amount of space and more collaborators. So, let’s jump straight into its features.

✦ Smart Inbox: It collects all Emails from your accounts and categorises them effectively for easier processing.

✦ Natural Language Search: You can directly pinpoint what you need actually, from ex. Mails from Ronald, attachments from Joel David etc.

✦ Snooze Emails for later: Emails can be snoozed which are important but you don’t have enough time right now to give your attention, snooze it for a particular time so that it reminds you later and you never have to apologise to someone, that you missed their mail.

✦ Smart Integrations: You can attach files from google drive, dropbox etc. and save the files there also.

✦ Active Collaborators: Create Email together. In the free version, two people can work together in composing a mail. —There is still a lot of features if you can pay for its paid version definitely worth a shot.


7. Grand Perspective

MacBook Apps - Grand Perspective

This app is a perfect example of what imagination for a great app can be.

It is just a 3 MB app and does exactly what its name suggests i.e gives a grand and full perspective of where your Mac storage is being used in a graphical way.

Really great if you are new to Mac and no idea which applications or files are hogging your precious SSD resources.

Here is a look at analysis of what my internal drive looks like.

MacBook Apps - Grand perspective

You can look at the largest chunk and right-click on it to get to open that file in finder and take action accordingly.

8. Itsycal

Macbook Apps - itsycal

Having a calendar app is indispensable for anyone on their MacBook for managing their time.

Folks who have seen Fantastical 2, would be amazed at how intelligent and simple the calendar app is.

But, at the same time, it costs around 60$. It’s one of the best free alternatives is Itsycal or say ‘It’s your calendar’. It’s a very tiny menu bar calendar. It can create or delete an event but unfortunately can’t edit.


9. Simplenote

MacBook Apps - Simple Note

A simple yet powerful note-taking app. Simplenote is quite a basic, nice, clean, beautiful cross-platform app.

It’s quite indispensable for any note-taking app to be cross-platform. Simplenote has a syncing and neat organisational system which can give a run for their money to apps like Evernote or Onenote.

This means you can collaborate on Simplenote documents with people on any platform, not just Mac or iOS.

Simplenote’s got a killer trick which goes hand in hand with the most advanced note-taking apps out there and that is the ability to quickly publish it and share with anyone who can get to a web browser. Version control is also a nice additional feature to the app, you can always go back to the previous version. Has a dark theme also pre-built. Has a focus mode also which if toggled will open the note in full screen. Also has markdown feature under its hood.